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Retail Therapy: The Cloth Shop, Granville Island

Linda Lum DeBonoComment
The Cloth Shop, Granville Island

The Cloth Shop, Granville Island

We visited Granville Island and it was so beautiful. I wanted to move there and be a cool art student at Emily Carr University! There are a few stores on Granville Island that are oh so beautiful. I believe that you have to apply in order to be allowed to open up shop there.  

The Cloth Shop is a quilt shop that is on Granville Island. The store had been in another location for many years and had offered classes but in its new location it is just a quilt/fabric shop. The shop is physically small but the owners have carefully curated some gorgeous fabrics that are current [Barbara, one of the owners and I had determined that "current" is a better word than "modern"] and inspiring.


What a beautiful shop.  

x, lldb